How I got started

I’ve been designing and building things for a long time, my whole life, really. I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Design.

Since then, I have found a passion in creating and building in all spaces:

And after many years holding a variety of creative roles in apparel and consumer product design, I want opportunities to deliver more value as a designer.

Why I chose UX Design

As a curious person and builder, the design field has made User Experience a natural process for me. With my eye for detail and a strong drive to create experiences that make a difference, I found my passion for driving change and bigger impact through the world of digital products. I am excited to collaborate on meaningful and impactful projects that change the way people experience and interact with the world for the better.

My ten year old son loves making animations (Hey, it's genetic!). This one is his interpretation of my career journey from designing physical products to digital products.

How I add value

The foundation to bring any product or idea from concept to production is deeply similar. By leveraging my previous design experience, I bring a wide range of transferrable skills as a UX designer.


Whether it’s explaining the rationale behind design decisions or annotating technical designs when handing them over to be developed, I get my ideas across to others clearly and concisely.


As an endlessly curious learner, I question assumptions and analyze problems deeply. My joy of learning and exploring new things allows me to dig deeper in order to know what the real issues are when solving problems for my users.


My experience as a designer has always required collaboration at every stage of the process, whether it’s with team members, key stakeholders, or outside contractors.


Incorporating user empathy has always been an integral part of my design development process. By having the ability to see a situation from someone else's viewpoint, I design better products and experiences.

Outside of work

I like to spend time with my husband and son going on roadtrips and exploring the outdoors with our dogs. I LOVE to read about organizational psychology and entrepreneurship, authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Simon Sinek are my favorites.

My desire to help improve the lives of others has always been a driving force in my life. Recently, it inspired me to help raise a guide dog puppy for the American Guide Dog Foundation, also because I like dogs.

My experience with Margaret taught me a lot about the visually impaired community and the challenges they face.